Interview with Artem Ovcharenko on 31st December. New Year's Eve and also his birthday. The following a translation of the excerpt given. Alas not the full interview, which is in Russian. Happy Birthday Artem!!!

The performance The Nutcracker at the Bolshoi Theater on New Year's Eve is the most anticipated and expensive ballet. For several years now, the leading party in the production has been performed by Artem Ovcharenko. Why this ballet is very personal for the Bolshoi premiere, how he relates to this role, and whether another production can replace The Nutcracker, Artem Ovcharenko told us in an exclusive interview with the Cult of Personality program on the MIR television channel.

— Traditionally, The Nutcracker is given at the Bolshoi Theater during the New Year holidays. Throughout the rest of the year do you touch this performance?

Artem Ovcharenko: I have been dancing this party for many years. I’m returning to it not only for the New Year, I dance it in the summer at gala concerts and holidays, when they ask me to dance this famous pas de deux. This performance is very special for me, and the day is also special. I dance December 31st, on my birthday. For me, this is the personification of my work. For me, The Nutcracker is something very personal.

— It is important to celebrate a birthday with close friends. The Nutcracker on December 31 at 19:00 is the most expensive ballet at the Bolshoi Theater. Are they giving you any place for someone from your family and friends to be with you that day? Or do you start to celebrate after the end of the performance?

Artem Ovcharenko: I celebrate all day! I try to get enough sleep that day. First I celebrate my birthday with my family. Around 15:00 I arrive at the theater. The Bolshoi Theater is also part of my family, I have been here a long time, many people have become like relatives to me. When I dance this performance in front of the audience, I understand that we have been together for many years.

See the full interview in the video.

Translated by Marguerite Wiewel