Don't miss tomorrow's 'Sleeping Beauty' with Ekaterina Krysanova in the title role and Artem Ovcharenko as Prince Désiré! This brilliant duet brought down the house during the Bolshoi's London Season in 2013.

Here are some review quotes:
  • "Artem Ovcharenko’s Désiré begins as he means to go on. He enters in the second act with soaring leaps, a handsome young man of tall and elegant physique, cleaving the air in long phrases of dance, movement light and academically vivid, the role worn with grace. Cast as a prince, his manner is princely, and no less so his technique: double turns in the air with sweetest symmetry, steps given clarity, worth. He is, I note, a pupil of the great Nikolay Fadeyechev, our first Muscovite prince in the west, whom I revere. Ovcharenko is his worthy heir." — Financial Times - August 7, 2013
  • "If Grigorevich's overall approach to the ballet is subdued, he has stamped some of his trademark virility on the often damp character of the prince, helped by the buoyant Artem Ovcharenko, a dancer who seems not so much to jump as to ride invisible swells and breakers in the air." — The Independent - 10 August 2013
  • "Artem Ovcharenko’s prince brings an injection of oomph, with his weightless jumps, as if he’s had a little word with gravity before he came on stage." — Evening Standard - 6 August 2013
  • "The arrival of Prince Desire (Ovcharenko) brings a much-needed burst of drama to the stage in the second act. A fabulous dancer, with floating leaps and a superb finish, he is every inch the Bolshoi Prince and it is only a pity that the role has such limited stage time." — The Stage - 6 August 2013

Photo © David Makhateli — Royal Opera House, London - Aug 5, 2013

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