It’s not that easy to speak aloud about those you love. It is even more challenging when they are admired and adored by millions and you are fortunate enough to count them among your closest friends.

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But even so I will tempt to paint their portrait.

We’ve been friends now for many years, have traveled through countries and continents and shared many happy lifetime moments together. Throughout the years our friendship grew stronger and so did my admiration for them.

Photo © Albert Pocej — Anna Tikhomirova, Agata Gotova and Artem Ovcharenko. Monaco, Summer 2015

What I cherish the most in them – is their purity, loyalty and honor. The qualities commended and worshiped by everyone, but applied only by a few.

She is a beautiful, bright, poetic flower. Always greeting the world with wide open eyes and a radiant smile. Her effortless nearly ethereal movements permeate through her way of life.

He is very wise and mature. He knows how to discipline his body so it wouldn’t give up on him, he understands how to control his mind, so it wouldn’t let him down.

Photo © Albert Pocej — Anna Tikhomirova and Artem Ovcharenko. Monaco, Summer 2015

Take it easy, never complain, enjoy what you have – is their modus operandi. They don’t collect goods and objects, they collect emotions and mementos. Talent – is their gift. Work and dedication – is their religion. Love – is their biggest investment. Beautiful relationship – is their most valuable reward.

They are sculpted and formed by the outstanding heritage of Russian culture and civilization and are praised and celebrated around the Globe. They are the stars of Bolshoi Ballet – Anna Tixomirova and Artem Ovcharenko!

Anna and Artem have just announced the end of their 8 years long engagement and will tie the knot this September! I’m endlessly happy for them and wouldn’t miss it for the world!

Photo © Albert Pocej — Anna Tikhomirova and Artem Ovcharenko. Monaco, Summer 2015

By  Agata Gotova
Photo session: Albert Pocej Photography
Dress:  Isabell Kristensen
Tuxedo:  Costume Code